Roze is an invitation to the discovery of a new genus, a journey
through time from the 70s to today. A colorful and bohemian world,inspired by travels and free spirits.
The brand offers us to discover sublime fabrics diverted from
their intended first such as upholstery or old fashioned chairs and armchair fabrics.

This mix and match materials reveals bags with a strong, authentic and timeless personality.
Manufactured in France, the Roze bags pass a surprising, yet
sublime mix of genuine leather material and authentic fabrics while
revealing a rare and stylish product. The inner bags are a hidden
beauty where Roze creates perfect match with each themes.
The young brand bags which since its beginning has not gone
unnoticed has been spotted by Catherine Miran press office, the
Maison Méditerranéenne des Métiers de la Mode (where the stylist
became Winner of the M Major) and finally by Irène Van Ryb who is the patron of Roze.
The brand is now sold in high-end boutiques such as Brand Bazar in Paris.