Pagil Blaja is a French jewelry brand deeply influenced
by indigenous crafts fused with modern
yet minimalistic designs. The artisanal approaches
are seen through modern sensibilities and refinement
to give its uniqueness and to elevate
everyday sense of allure.
Pagil Blaja explores fundamental geometric shapes and designs
with the embodiment of luxurious lacquer and wood in its debut
collection. Continually being inspired by craftsmanship and
aesthetics, the brand digs deeper into untapped methods of creation,
often journeying into handcrafted methods from around the
world. The curiosity led motivation has driven Pagil Blaja to its first
collection of laborious detail and experimentation.
Knowing at the heart of what you wear is passion for conceptual
design and handcrafted excellence, a piece of art which has gone
through endless hours of workmanship and intricate detailing yet
manifested in simple and bold jewelry: an archetype of your outlook
and attitude. Simply put, less is more.







More than 20 layers of lacquer and 2 month of
work is needed to fully completed piece of jewellery.







There is more than what meets the eye when it comes to lacquer
jewelry. An ancient Asian technique, using organic plant based
lacquer is used as a coating to wooden art in the ancient far east.
The jewelries are made by high skilled artisans in Vietnam, participating
to preserve the tradition of lacquer pass down from one
generation to another.
Blocks of wood are hand carved by the artisan according to the
design. The resin from a specific species of trees are collected in
the form of sap and filtered to making the specialized glue. Multiple
thin layers of this lacquer are applied in the course of several
weeks before the final finishing is attained, giving the elements of
the jewelry the luxurious sheen and texture that you see. Other
embellishments such as genuine 24 carats gold leaves and pigments
are added in to the making and offers the uniqueness of
the finishing.
The assembly and gold plating is done by some of the best ateliers
in France, completing the savoir-faire of the jewelry.